Friday, May 3, 2013

Nightmare's End--One Soldiers Story

My wife's Uncle Buddy was one of the GIs who liberated the many concentration camps in Nazi Germany.  Several years ago he was interviewed by documentarians making a film about the liberation of the camps.

Here's a part of his statement:


Here's another post I did about Uncle Buddy and his war time experience.  Click here.

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  1. I just had the honor of attending the tribute activities for the 20th Anniversary of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. It was so heartwarming to see many members of the American military WWII generation who liberated the concentration camps in which several were where my Czech father's relatives had perished. My dad managed to escape his Czech homeland in the first few months after the March 1939 occupation by the Nazis. He went to China. While there for 1-1/2 years working as a doctor in the interior, he kept up a healthy correspondence with at least 78 writers (friends and relatives who either escaped or were trapped behind). I know this because upon his death I discovered 400 letters by these writers. My debut book, Adventurers Against Their Will, chronicles my quest to find seven of the writers and learn the lessons of their lives. I found two still alive at 91 and delivered the letters. I found descendants for all seven around the world. What their voices express loud and clear are the consequences of indifference and the importance of protecting human rights and dignity. Thank goodness for the brave soldiers who returned to tell the horrific stories of what they saw. I am forever indebted to what I know sadly impacted their lives forever. But their witness to this event hopefully will help prevent future atrocities. Joanie Schirm